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What is Green Roofing?

Green Roofing

A green roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil or a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane.

Why go green?

Ecological benefits
Ecological benefits such as cooling the air and production of oxygen. They help to regulate the moisture of the air, absorb dust and promote rainwater storage.

Reduced renovation costs
The waterproofing's life expectancy is increased because it is better protected from UV rays, hail and extreme temperature difference. It can be presumed that the life of expectancy of waterproofing will increase to more than 40 years if a green roof is installed.

Reduced energy costs
Green roofs have also been found to dramatically improve a roof’s insulation value. A study conducted by Environment Canada found a 26% reduction in winter heat losses and a 26% reduction in summer cooling needs when a green roof is used.

Reduced sewerage costs / stormwater management
A green roof build-up reduces the water run-off to 30-80%. The remaining water flows off with a time difference. So due to green roofs, it is ensured that the rainwater remains in the natural water cycle thereby reducing sewerage costs.

Green roofs as a substitute for lost areas of landscape
Better utilisation of the property by taking the green roof into account as a substitute for sacrificed landscaped areas. This is often prescribed in the development plan.

Use of space
Green Roof Gardens offer additional space for leisure activities - without spending money on new and expensive building grounds.

Reduction of urban heat island effect
The surfaces of green roofs filter and bind dust and other harmful materials out of a city's air. Moreover, landscaped roofs improve the microclimate by cooling and humidifying the surrounding air.

Reduced noise level
Due to the soft plant level of green roofs there is sound absorption instead of sound reflection.

Natural habitat for animals and plants
At least a part of green surfaces which were sacrificed to building developments can be compensated by landscaped roofs, reducing the quantity of sealed surfaces and encouraging limited wildlife development.

Roof Types

Deluxe Roofing offer a range of 5 standard green roof systems together with a number of bespoke systems to suit individual requirements.

  1. Economical Roof
    • A low cost option solution at relatively low weights
  2. Lightweight Roof
    • Light fail safe with functional build up
    • Wind erosion safe
    • Applicable to 0° roofs where no ponding water exists
  3. Nature Roof
    • High diversity of species of flora and fauna with long lasting blooming effect
    • High ecological value
    • Convenient for wild bees and butterflies
  4. Pitched Roof
    • A safe solution for pitched roofs
    • Ability to grow plants and sedum
  5. Garden Roof
    • Provides additional living and recreational space for building occupiers
    • Architecturally designed intensive build up

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